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What's new?

New koi are arriving at our facility (look from time to time at our page High Quality Koi)

Yamabuki 1 meter released at her new home.

Click on the picture and see her released by her new owner.


From now on: the best bacteriën on the European continent available in our shop. Look at the page with products and read the flyer attentively.


The picture below shows a creation of Fish Health & Care. Japanese garden with large gate Japanese style. If you can dream it, we'll try to build it.

This koi was sold by FHC. Evaluation of this Mako sanke after 4 months at customers pond.

Mako sanke August 2016.                             Same sanke after 4 months


Click on the picture to see her on film

Huge increase of bodymass and weight. Length has increased with 5 cm in 4 months !!!

Sumi has decreased a bit, but this is normal according the large growth.
This sanke will grow up to 85 cm or more and with that body, whow !!!

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